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They move easily for maximum flexibility, LW Series industrial heaters are ideal for the winter comfort of operators, especially those industries where Secureair® products are used for the extraction and filtration of pollutants.

One of the most important principles to consider when orienting yourself to these heaters is the fact that unlike thermo-convective systems or other traditional ones, is that the heaters do not require any preheating phase.

Thanks to their technology , only the evaluated work zones are heated with immediacy and for the necessary time; only the operators within the individual zones are heated. This solution dramatically reduces the energy consumption associated with a traditional convective system.

With available accessories, such as power controllers and presence detectors for piloted ignitions, further greater energy savings can be achieved in operation.

With LW industrial heaters, energy savings are certain.


By heating with less energy consumption and without waste, the environmental ecological impact is greatly reduced. By using LW industrial heaters, no air movement is generated inside working environments that is normally triggered by convective heating. This eliminates suspended dust that makes the air unhealthy.


The most significant management advantage of using LW industrial heaters is the possibility of fractionating the system into macro or micro zones. Thus it is possible to adjust with the heat perceived by the operators area by area with the accessories provided, which is impossible with a traditional convection system.

Another advantage is that of easy repositioning of heaters according to the changing needs of work departments.


LW industrial heaters are excellent heaters and suitable for new climatic situations with frequent temperature jumps of hot and cold. With its use, it is possible to exclude the start-up of expensive conventional heating system and heat workstations only when needed and with great savings.


For applications in environments and areas with potential fire or ignition hazards, special Industry IP66 ATEX certified heaters can be used.