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WFPN spray booth suction wall

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WFP paint booths or suction walls are equipped with integrated dry filtration and suction and due to their geometry form a constant speed suction front so as to capture pollutants produced by operations such as painting, resin coating, gluing and in all those professional treatments that generate application overspray.

Practical application - expert advice

Ideal use is wall-mounted installation of the booth, resulting in positioning the operator and work area as close as possible to the suction face. Side extensions and roof are strongly recommended, so as to protect the application area from side drafts that would counteract the suction capacity of the booth wall.

Available versions

WFPN This version comes complete with aspirator and two stages of filtration, with provision for activated carbon.

WFPL This version represents the top of the range and is complete with

  • 1400 RPM aspirator with increased performance

  • andreae® eff 98% cardboard inertial pre-filter + Andreae® eff 98% cardboard filter

  • Fiberglass paint-stop filters

  • Ceiling lights

  • Integrated control panel

  • Activated carbon in panels

Additional accessories available

Exhaust silencer

Piping and chimney

Side wall and roof extensions

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