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Switch cabinet with inverter for fan control

cod. QEI000000000000   Shipping in: 15 Days
Applications: Fix

Industrial switchboard complete with three-phase inverter and remote operator terminal with LCD display, run/stop control, frequency regulation, monitor and alarm reset.


– Power supply 3F+E 400Vac 50/60Hz

– Carpentry painted RAL7035 with IP65 external protection rating

– General door lock disconnector

– inverter Toshiba or Invt

– mITOS VT6 operator panel for inverter management

– cooling system

– Motor protection

– Contactor

– Emergency mushroom button

– Coloured run-stop buttons

– Power indicator light

– Fan operation indicator light

– Inverter alarm warning light

– Fan thermal indicator light

Select one of the available models
SKU Variant Code Price Offer price Products Name Delivery Time Table Technical Data Arm diameter Arm type Arm length Bench type Length MT Length mm Diameter Cartridge type Filter surface area Q max Suction hoses ATEX Cartridges / Filters Motor Watts Torrino Fan Fan Type Engine power Measure cm Measurement mm Color Cable length Max. pressure Thickness Inside diameter x outside diameter mm Efficiency Packaging Weight eff. % RPM Max. amperes Start-up Case dim Size table Variante attiva Price
QEI000000000001 1364 QEI1 control cabinet with inverter for motors less than 2.2KW up to 2.2 inverter 550x850x250 1 1.364,00 €
QEI000000000002 1527 QEI2 control cabinet with inverter for motors up to 4KW up to 4 inverter 550x850x250 1 1.527,00 €
QEI000000000003 1772 QEI3 control cabinet with inverter for 5.5KW motor 5,5 inverter 550x850x250 1 1.772,00 €
QEI000000000004 1872 QEI4 control cabinet with inverter for 7.5KW motor 7,5 inverter 550x850x250 1 1.872,00 €
QEI000000000005 2165 QEI5 control cabinet with inverter for 11KW motor 11 inverter 600x1000x320 1 2.165,00 €
QEI000000000006 2401 QEI6 control cabinet with inverter for 15KW motor 15 inverter 600x1000x320 1 2.401,00 €
QEI000000000007 2735 QEI7 control cabinet with inverter for 18.5KW motor 18,5 inverter 600x1000x320 1 2.735,00 €
QEI000000000008 3022 QEI8 control cabinet with inverter for 22KW motor 22 inverter 600x1000x320 1 3.022,00 €
QEI000000000009 3674 QEI9 control cabinet with inverter for 30KW motor 30 inverter 600x1000x320 1 3.674,00 €
* Delivery time: Delivery time is estimated and is understood as departure date from our warehouse.


The QEI version of SECUREAIR® switchboards comes complete with an inverter and MITOS VT6 operator terminal, which allows the adjustment of fan speed to reduce noise or adapt performance to the exact requirements of extraction systems.

Why use the inverter to service fans

Example of savings in an ideal case of centrifugal fan regulation

- By reducing the speed by 50% the energy consumed is reduced to one eighth

-Reducing the speed by 20% saves 50% energy

-Reducing the speed by only 10% (from 100 to 90) saves 27% of the energy

Practical example always with application on acentrifugal fan serving a centralised air extraction system

Air extraction system equipped with a 75 kW motor with an average absorption of 56 kW

4.000 hours/year of operation

Using the inverter we will have an average absorption of 36 kW instead of 56.

Consequently 80,000 kWh per year saved

With an energy cost of 0.15 (?) €/kWh, you save 12,000 €/year!

Investment amortised in a very short time

Designed to comply with European and international standards for low voltage switchboards. Our switchboards are produced for nominal power ratings up to 55kW and are supplied with




For code QED00000001 the power must be specified when ordering

Options available

External pressure switch with alarm lamp

Rotovalve up to 4 kW

Screw conveyor up to 4 kW

Economiser power supply

Programmer power supply with pressure alarm lamp

Level switch with level alarm lamp

Triboelectric probe

Extractor fan

Timed electric vibrator

Timed solenoid valve

Damper solenoid valve

Ammeter + CT

Voltmeter + voltmeter switch

Hour meter

Flashing visual alarm

Remote control selector

Key selector switch for remote control

Acoustic alarm

Case with transparent door up to 400x600

ATEX barriers for 2-channel sensors

Technical data

- QEI000000000001
- QEI000000000002
- QEI000000000003
- QEI000000000004
- QEI000000000005
- QEI000000000006
- QEI000000000007
- QEI000000000008
- QEI000000000009


- QEI000000000001
- QEI000000000002
- QEI000000000003
- QEI000000000004
- QEI000000000005
- QEI000000000006
- QEI000000000007
- QEI000000000008
- QEI000000000009


  Name Code Price  
Extra operator panel VT6 AIR for QEI switchboards QEIVT6AIR000000
374,00 €
Electric panel for fan start-up QED000000000000
552,00 619,00 673,00 673,00 730,00 899,00 1.079,00 1.235,00 1.271,00 1.339,00 1.459,00 1.754,00 1.958,00 2.148,00 2.316,00
TOSHIBA Inverter VFS15 400V three-phase IVTO154004PL1W0
296,00 315,00 386,00 450,00 542,00 769,00 837,00 1.089,00 1.448,00


Technical sheet (SecureAir_SP_QEI000000000000_2023_11_25_en.pdf)
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